What is Qigong?

With no true equivalent in contemporary Western culture, Qigong might be best described as an advanced form of acupuncture in which needles are replaced by breathing techniques. Both acupuncture and Qigong are based on the cultivation of energy resources which flow naturally within the human body. The secrets of Qigong have not been revealed outside China until very recently, and the discipline is now hailed elsewhere in Asia as "miracle techniques" with potential to even cure diseases. Through control of breathing and natural movements, The Qigong practitioner can order his or her mind to achieve a state of total relaxation at will, then gather energy to explode instantly with maximum power and relax again in an extremely short period of time.

Qigong can help average people improve their mental and physical health and lend them increased stamina in the conduct of their everyday lives. Qigong makes one acutely aware of the body and inner self, and regular practice leads to a state of peacefulness vital to health of mind and body. An effective tonic against stresses of modem life and premature aging, Qigong is not physically demanding, and is practiced while standing, sitting or lying down comfortably.

Li Rong