Internal Martial Arts
The premiere Internal Martial Art at the academy is Tristar Taijiquan and Qigong. This is a new style, rediscovered by Master Li Rong and being taught all over China. It is emerging as an important style in North America. To see a demostration of Tristar Taijiquan, please click here.
The Internal Martial Arts include Taijiquan, Xing Yi Quan, and Bagua Zhang
Taijiquan is not only an art but a part of Chinese culture as well. It is a form of self-defense and an effective way to improve one's overall health when practiced properly. Taijiquan trains the mind and body concurrently. The practice of Taijiquan can help one to achieve equilibrium of body, mind and enable one to "unite with the cosmos." It is helps stimulate the brain, relieving the brain of pathological excitations caused by outside/inner forces. thus helping to cure diseased resulting from the disorder of the nervous system.
There are several different styles of Taijiquan taught at the academy, including the Yang 24 step, the 42 step International Competition form, the 48 step Combined Styles form, the Chen style competition form, the Sun style competition form, and the Tristar Taijiquan forms. In addition, taijijian (taiji sword) and taiji fan forms are also taught, as well as taiji martial applications and push hands. For points on the proper practice of taijiquan, click here. To see a demonstration of Taijiquan, please click here.
Xing Yi Quan is a simple, yet powerful and highly effect martial art. Based on the 5 elements (wood, fire, water, earth, metal), simple hand forms are taught and performed with deadly power. Very easy to learn, very hard to practice and do well, this style is famous for creating excellent fighters. To see a demonstration of Xing Yi Quan, please click here.
Baguazhang is a deadly martial art that is created around the concept of walking around a circle. The circle represents the 8 trigrams of change (ba gua) and each of the 8 trigrams corresponds to a martial technique. The idea of baguazhang is to get around and behind your opponent and throw them to the ground, or deliver powerful palm strikes to their body. This style is known for it's fighting prowess, but it is also hard to learn. We empty hand and swordplay (broadsword and straightsword) forms are taught at the academy. To see a demonstration of Bagua Zhang, please click here.
All the Internal Martial Arts styles have the distinction of not only being good self defence and martial arts systems, but also being complete arts that will supplement and strengthen your health.
External Martial Arts
External Martial Arts include both Contemporary and Traditional Wushu, Cha Quan, Mien Quan, Baiji Quan, Weapons includings sword, staff, spear, double hook swords, double straight swords, etc...
The External Martial Arts are what people typically associate with Chinese Martial Arts, or Chinese Kung Fu or Wushu. These are the exciting and powerful movements that one may have seen in movies (think Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Jet Li). In fact, there are hundreds of styles of Chinese Martial Arts, each with their own characteristics and usage.
Contemporary Wushu is an exciting new form of wushu that is performance based. It combines martial techniques with dance and acrobatics and the result is an explosive performance of running, jumping, kicking and punching.
Traditional Wushu is the older family styles from China, dating back hundreds and thousands of years. These are martial systems developed by people in the olden days of China when one's life and protection depended on his or her ability to fight. As a result, some powerful and deadly practical martial arts have emerged. Bak Mei Wushu can be considered a traditional wushu, as well as Cha Quan, and Mien Quan.
Baji Quan is also known as the body guard style. Literally translated as the 8 ultimate fists, this style was used by the bodyguards for the emperors of China many times. This style relies on fast inside fighting, with hard hits designed to quickly incapacitate your opponent, with elbows, kicks, punches, and body hits.
Wushu Weapons are included in the Chinese Martial Arts and Wushu practice. From swords, to spears, to chains and exotic weapons, these are a joy to learn and to watch, with every technique having a martial application, much like the empty hand forms. To see a demonstration of wushu sword, please click here.
Qigong includes Ermei Qigong, Tristar Qigong, and more. Qigong is a system of health that follows the Asian idea of Qi, or internal energy. Everyone, every living thing has Qi, a driving life force. It is easy to notice and feel Qi when you know what it is about and what to look for, picture the explanation of "the force" from the popular Star Wars movies. In fact, the idea is that a person becomes healthy and power as his or her Qi becomes stronger and more pure. This is done through such ways as the Internal Martial Arts, Qigong Meditaion practice, Yoga, and Kundali.
Special training is required, by an experienced and knowledgeable master to ensure that one learns Qigong properly to avoid injury and to achieve enlightenment.
For those interested, Here is a page with information about the Masters and Grandmasters who have taught and influenced Li Rong and the Li Rong Academy of Wushu and Qigong. To see the page, please click here.