Tristar Taijiquan and Qigong

Li RongTri-Star Taijiquan is a new style that is being taught all over China and is emerging in North America.Tri-Star Taijiquan (also named Sanxing Taijiquan) is based on movements from both traditional Taiji and other internal material arts. The main stance comes from Xingyiquan (Form Mind Boxing). The hand movements are drawn from Baguazhang (Eight Trigrams Palm). The body movement has been taken from Chen Taijiquan. Other postures are based on the statues unearthed at Sanxing Dui. Tri-Star Taiji's special hand postures are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and are intended to open the energy channels of the body, especially those of the heart and lung systems. The nerves at the finger tips are stimulated by finger work with acupoints, causing the body's nervous system to become healthier and boosting the body's immune system.Tri-Star Taijiquan is a comprehensive system of soft, powerful and elegant movements which are easy to learn for all ages. The form requires little space and focuses on the traditional circular movements of Yin and Yang.

To see a demonstration of Tristar Taijiquan, click here.