Taijiquan (more known as Taichi) is not only an art but a part of Chinese culture as well. It is a form of self-defense and an effective way to improve one's overall health when practiced properly. Taijiquan trains the mind and body concurrently. The practice of Taijiquan can help one to achieve equilibrium of body, mind and enable one to "unite with the cosmos." It is helps stimulate the brain, relieving the brain of pathological excitations caused by outside/inner forces. thus helping to cure diseased resulting from the disorder of the nervous system.


Qigong includes Ermei Qigong, Tristar Qigong, and more. Qigong is a system of health that follows the Asian idea of Qi, or internal energy. Everyone, every living thing has Qi, a driving life force. It is easy to notice and feel Qi when you know what it is about and what to look for, picture the explanation of "the force" from the popular Star Wars movies. In fact, the idea is that a person becomes healthy and power as his or her Qi becomes stronger and more pure. This is done through such ways as the Internal Martial Arts, Qigong Meditaion practice, Yoga, and Kundali.

Internal Martial Arts

In addition to taijiquan, Grandmaster Li is also greatly adept and has a strong history in xingyiquan and baguazhang. All the Internal Martial Arts styles have the distinction of not only being good self defence and martial arts systems, but also being complete arts that will supplement and strengthen your health.

External Martial Arts and Wushu

The External Martial Arts are what people typically associate with Chinese Martial Arts, or Chinese Kung Fu or Wushu. These are the exciting and powerful movements that one may have seen in movies (think Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Jet Li). In fact, there are hundreds of styles of Chinese Martial Arts, each with their own characteristics and usage.